Tax Investigation

Businesses can have significant financial costs if business information is handled incorrectly. Tax Investigations and Tax enquirers by HMRC are increasingly becoming very common. At such a point seeking experts’ advice based on technical knowledge can often make a substantial difference to the eventual tax penalties, liabilities, and charges. Our experts can help you come up with the best strategy to approach.

Bookkeeping & Accountancy services

Bookkeeping & Accountancy Services

Bookkeeping is an important task to record business activities. Failure could result in Fine and disqualification as company director. True and Fair accounting records should be kept at least for 6 years. Our years of experience in bookkeeping will save your time and money.

Our years of experience in producing business up-to-day information for clients helped them make the right decisions. Businesses compare actual performance with budgeted or comparative periods. These management accounts can be monthly or quarterly. More importantly, supplying management information to lenders helps businesses with high cash inflow. 

Capital Gain Tax

Capital Gain Tax

Our team of tax consultants is here to help you in assessing your potential Captial Gains Tax liabilities. There are beneficial rates and reliefs to be taken advantage of and our tax specialists are best placed to help you do this. Our expertise is not only to help you minimize these costs but also to provide support in tax preparation.

Property Income Tax

Property Income Tax

Aahil & Co does not limit itself only filing out and submitting your tax returns but also making sure our advice on your properties benefits you much more. This include special tax reliefs available to landlords on Rent a room tax relief, rental income and capital gains taxes, Buy to let properties, buying commercial and non commercial properties and much more.

Not for profit organization

Our experienced staff can advise you to choose the correct structure for your not for profit organization that suits your needs, this could be a charitable incorporated organization (CIO), a Community interest company (CIC), a charitable company (limited by guarantee), or a trust and we also can help you in a process to set up not for profit organization. We provide ongoing support for accounts preparation, filing of annual reports and annual returns with charity commission, and independent examination of the accounts if required.

Inheritance Tax Planning (IHT)

IHT affects many of us where we do not regard ourselves as particularly wealthy.  We can help you by giving informed inheritance tax advice. Well IHT planning helps you avoid paying unnecessary taxes. At this point long term planning is unavoidable as to avail several reliefs and exemptions such lifetime gifts, transfer of assets to trusts, businesses and assignment of life policies and much more. Our expertise can help you in grafting strategies to reduce an eventual IHT bills.